Five papers from the University of Mannheim accepted for presentation at the European Finance Association Annual Meetings 2016

The following papers from the Department of Finance at Mannheim University will be presented at the EFA 2016 conference in Oslo:


Victoria Atanasov: The Factor Structure of Time-Varying Discount Rates (with Ilan Cooper, Richard Priestley, and Junhua Zhong).

Alexander Hillert and Michael Ungeheuer: Ninety Years of Media Coverage and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns

Stefan Ruenzi: Financial Advice and Bank Profits (with Daniel Hoechle, Nic Schaub, and Markus Schmid)

Esad Smjalbegovic: Flying Under the Radar: The Effects of Short-Sale Disclosure Rules on Investor Behavior and Stock Prices (with Stephan Jank and Christoph Roling)


Additionally, Emanuele Tarantino from the Economics Department has the paper „Lending Standards Over the Credit Cycle“ (with Giacomo Rodano and Nicolas Serrano-Velarde) on the conference program.


Please see the full conference program here.